Future BNE Challenge 2016 - World Science Festival

The Green Heart Schools Future BNE Challenge on Friday 11 March 2016 was an event run by Brisbane City Council, in partnership with Queensland Museum, for World Science Festival Brisbane. Future BNE was held in King George Square and engaged 400 year 7 students in an immersive, interactive and future-thinking challenge. Students worked collaboratively in teams of 10 to conceptualise innovative solutions for our water security in the year 2100. There were two sessions on the day, with the Lord Mayor and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki welcoming students to the challenge, and a performance by Street Science prior to each session to get everyone pumped up.

The teams first task for the challenge was to use the supplied knowledge resources cards to answer questions and critically evaluate local and global water use. Once they had critically evaluated water security in Brisbane, they used design fiction techniques to lay out their plans for their 3D water security model and how it would design into the future. They then went on to make their models using recycled materials. After this, they presented their ideas in a short video for judging.

On the day, I was a facilitator and worked with two teams - All Hallows' School and Alexandra Hills State High School. Both teams worked fantastically throughout the day and came up with some amazing, innovative design concepts. The All Hallows' School team went on to win the creativity award, so a big congratulations to them! 

To find out more about the Green Heart Schools Future BNE challenge, click here.

Hannah Ison