About the project...

This project was developed for a university assignment. All images were sourced from the internet and I do not own the rights to these images.

Ezio Manzini defines incremental social innovation as a change that is constructed within the confines of what already exists in society. This style of social innovation was implemented for this project in the hopes that people will relate in a more personal manner than if it was politically directed. The primary motive of shift zine is to encourage a conversation and new understanding of cycling amongst the community. This conversation will hopefully reach the council and eventuate into a plan for further bicycle infrastructure.

The aim of volume one of shift is to encourage cycling to anyone and everyone living in Brisbane. In order to do this, I wanted to provide a helpful guide to Brisbane residents that gives them the knowledge they need to hopefully feel safe and comfortable cycling around Brisbane. By exposing the similarities in infrastructure in Brisbane and Amsterdam through the use of overlaying photographs and maps, I aimed to explore an alternative perspective about the potential of Brisbane's cycle culture and encouraged others to do the same. Brisbane has a growing cycling culture that needs to be supported. Cycling has significant benefits on health, the environment and tourism; as well as the ability to positively impact local areas by connecting communities.

The opportunities are endless in terms of adapting the zine to different surroundings and circumstances. The shift zine could be a great first step in what could prove to be an interesting and successful project in social change and education. This project has a lot of potential for expansion and further development.