Skin deep learning

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About the project...

Students often get bored trawling through the seemingly never-ending pages of stuffy textbooks. Skin Deep Learning aims to change that for beauty students in RTO’s around Australia. Skin Deep Learning magazines are an original concept designed to replace the textbook for students studying beauty courses, so it is really important that all the information is properly displayed, but also visually appealing. Anyone who has seen a textbook knows how dry they can be, so the main aim of Skin Deep Learning is to create bright, colourful spreads to make it more enjoyable for students when they need to study. Hopefully this will encourage better study habits amongst these students and change the negative perception of the theory aspect of VET courses.

As Design Coordinator for Skin Deep Learning my primary role was designing each magazine from initial mock-up to print ready phase with very tight deadlines. I was also involved in website design, search engine optimisation, research and writing content and assessments, administrative tasks, and liaising with clients and printers. | @skindeeplearning