About the project...

This interdisciplinary design magazine was a self-initiated, crowdfunded project created to showcase the work of 24 students from the Bachelor of Design & Bachelor of Design Futures (Honours) degrees at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. These students came from Visual Communication Design, Interior Environments and Product Design majors. The idea of this magazine was to collaboratively display student work to encourage and promote interdisciplinary exploration, rather than segregate each student onto a seperate page and into seperate categories (as traditional graduate catalogues do). This collaborative style of magazine was prompted by the use of collaboration throughout our degree and the interdisciplinary nature of design. All student work featured in the magazine is titled with the student's name.

For more information, please view the full PDF below.

Students featured in the design magazine:

Hannah Ison
Gabrielle Wild
Emelie Dahlskold
Chelsea Eaton
Amy Graham
Bronte Wiltshire
Genevieve Parry
Chloe Parmenter

Hayden Roberts
Erica Patrick
Ceara Swyripa
Jacqueline Giebels
Maeve Lejeune
Grace Stevenson
Stephanie Dutta
Shanan Dallinger

Sarah Capon
Lisa Koesterke
Sasha Bernades
Allen Hoang
Jacqui Becker
Sasha Hickson
Stanley Tan
Brianna Milne